Current Watershed Conditions


Most Recent Water Levels in the South Nation River Watershed


Current and Past Watershed Condition Statements below:



August 29, 2019

South Nation Conservation (SNC) has issued a Level I low water condition for its entire watershed in Eastern Ontario, including the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet and Nation Municipality.

Despite a cool and wet spring and recent isolated rainstorms, an overall lack of precipitation throughout the summer has led to the current low water condition. Records indicate that precipitation over the past three months was at least 20% below normal.

While in Level I status, SNC asks residents and businesses to reduce their water consumption by 10% to help mitigate the impacts of low water conditions. Water consumption can be reduced by limiting non-essential uses such as lawn watering and car washing.

Of the three Levels of low water conditions, a Level I indicates that there is the potential of a water supply problem should current precipitation and stream flow trends persist. A Level II condition indicates minor supply issues may be apparent and conservation and non-essential restriction is adopted, and a Level III condition indicates the failure of the water supply to meet demand.

SNC works with its 16 member municipalities to monitor stream flow, precipitation and water supply through the provincially-mandated Low Water Response program. SNC will continue to monitor watershed conditions and will provide updates as required.

To better understand local conditions; landowners, businesses, and industries are encouraged to contact SNC if they are experiencing any unusual water-related problems.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Omar Kana’n, Water Resources Specialist – Engineering, 1-877-984-2948,




August 20, 2019

South Nation Conservation (SNC) has downgraded the Flood Warning for the Saint Lawrence River issued on May 17, 2019, to a Flood Watch.

Weather Forecast:
There is a risk of severe thunderstorms and strong winds on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

Environmental Conditions:
Lake Ontario’s water levels are declining, which will continue into the fall. Levels are still expected to remain near seasonal highs over the next several weeks.

Flooding and other high-water impacts continue to be reported around the upper Saint Lawrence River during periods of active weather.

The latest forecast from the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board suggests that Lake Ontario’s water levels will continue to gradually decline throughout the summer into the fall, with the rate of decline largely depending on rainfall.

Lake Ontario’s increased outflows may increase Saint Lawrence River levels upstream of Iroquois throughout Edwardsburg/Cardinal and Augusta Township.

Residents are advised that wind may cause large waves, further aggravating water levels which may affect structures close to shore.


Residents in flood-prone areas are encouraged to closely monitor conditions and take necessary actions.

Residents are advised to stay away from watercourses where flows are high and where banks might be unstable. Parents are encouraged to explain dangers to children.

Residents in flood prone or low-lying areas historically susceptible to flooding are encouraged to closely follow evolving conditions and take necessary precautions to protect their property.

This Flood Watch statement is in effect until Friday, September 27, 2019 at 5:00 PM.

SNC monitors the water levels and weather forecasts as part of the Flood Forecasting and Warning Program. Updates are provided as conditions change.

The International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board continues to monitor conditions on an ongoing basis. Information on hydrologic conditions, water levels and outflows, including graphics and photos, are available on the Board’s website at

Please visit for more information. To provide feedback with respect to changes in water related conditions please email, post on our Facebook (/SouthNationConservation) or Twitter (@SouthNationCA).

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Omar Kana’n, Water Resources Specialist – Engineering,

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