Property Inquiry Service

Property Inquiry Service

Current property owners, prospective purchasers, or their respective representatives may request information on a property through South Nation Conservation’s Property Inquiry Service.

This service provides important information on whether the property is in or adjacent to the following:

  • regulated natural hazards under the Conservation Authorities Act (e.g., floodplains, watercourses, ravines, slopes, wetlands, etc.);
  • natural heritage features in local official plans; and
  • source protections areas regulated under the Clean Water Act, 2006.

SNC will provide a letter outlining all of the natural features identified, applicable setbacks, and appropriate reports required. The letter provides a formal record of development related policies and requirements under the Conservation Authorities Act and Clean Water Act, 2006. This is valuable information to the client when making decisions about a property.

A fee is charged to cover the cost of reviewing site information and issuing the letter. A site visit may be requested for an additional fee.

Letters are issued within two weeks of submission of complete documentation. Rush service is available for an additional fee. Property owner permission may be required for the release of certain information and records. 

Property Inquiry Service requests must be made in writing by submitting the following: 

  • Information Request Form
  • A cover letter describing your proposed project and/or land use;
  • A map identifying the property location and/or a site plan of proposed work; and
  • payment. 

SNC cannot provide opinions on a property’s development potential.