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South Nation Conservation Sees Record-Setting Park Visitation This Spring

As the COVID-19 Pandemic forced many people to stay home and cancel their summer plans, South Nation Conservation’s (SNC) public Conservation Areas across Eastern Ontario are serving as a refuge for many seeking to get out of the house and explore their local environment. While many agencies closed their parks, trails, and public forests, SNC worked with its member municipalities and local health units to keep as many sites open as possible throughout the spring, and finally safely opening all of its seasonal parks on May 19, 2020. Read more


With continued lack of adequate rainfall across the South Nation Conservation (SNC) jurisdiction, the SNC Water Response Team has upgraded the drought advisory notice from Level I (minor) to Level II (moderate) low water conditions for the entire watershed effective July 23, 2020. Read more

South Nation Conservation Spruces Up County Roads

With support from the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG), South Nation Conservation (SNC) planted over 400 native trees and shrubs alongside County roads in North Dundas and North Stormont last month. SNC delivers the Roadside Tree Planting Program on behalf of the SDG Counties and is responsible for ordering stock, planting, maintenance, refilling and monitoring these sites until they can grow on their own. New sites are selected by SNC and County staff every year. Read more

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