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Weather Forecast: Environment Canada is forecasting up to 10 mm of rain across the jurisdiction, with above freezing temperatures today, contributing to snow and ice melt. Temperatures will lower over the weekend, but daytime temperatures will remain above zero next week, further contributing to snow and ice melt. Environmental Conditions: Precipitation and snowmelt will increase water levels and flows in rivers, potentially causing nuisance flooding in low-lying areas. Unstable ice conditions may also be present in systems. Read more

Ottawa River Residents in Clarence-Rockland and Alfred-Plantagenet Invited to SNC Open House to View Updated Floodplain and Erosion Maps

South Nation Conservation (SNC) invites residents to attend an in-person Open House to learn more about floodplain and erosion hazard maps for areas along the Ottawa River, East of the City of Ottawa, within the City of Clarence-Rockland and the Township of Alfred-Plantagenet. Residents living near or along the river will be able to view property-specific maps to help better understand the risks to life and property in these areas and provide feedback on the mapping.  Read more

SNC Reminds Residents to be Cautious Near Lakes and Rivers

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is reminding residents that although we are currently in the middle of winter, everyone should remain cautious when venturing out near lakes, rivers and riverbanks. Due to the mild temperatures this winter, ice conditions in the watershed have not yet been safe for recreational activities. The Conservation Authority notes that ice formation on the South Nation River has been sporadic and most spots are not yet thick enough for use. Read more

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