Staff Listing


Carl Bickerdike, Chief Administrative Officer


Resource Management 

Sandra Mancini, Managing Director, Natural Hazards and Infrastructure 

Michelle Cavanagh, Team Lead, Special Projects


Water Resources

Katherine WatsonWater Resources Specialist - Monitoring

Shahin ZandWater Resources Specialist - Engineering

Jason SymingtonWater Resources Specialist - Engineering

Foman Forough, Water Resources Specialist - Engineering

Farhad MansouriWater Resources Specialist - Engineering

Mariane Scalise, Engineering Student

Gianmarco MaggioreWater Resources Analyst

Brianna Brougham, Water Resources Technician

Golrokh Hafezian, Water Resources Technician

Ben ColganGIS-Database Analyst 

Maryrose D'ArienzoGIS Technician 

Naomi Langlois-AndersonSr Fish and Wildlife Technician 

Hope Boyle, Stewardship Assistant

Arielle NoonanStewardship and Outreach Assistant

Natalie Fleece, Stewardship (Student)

Kyley McGuinness, Stewardship (Student)


Forestry Services 

Caroline GouletForester

Chris CraigSenior Forestry Technician

Cheyene BrunetForestry Technician

Tavish MacLeodForestry Assistant


Property and Approvals   

John Mesman, Managing Director, Property, Conservation Lands, and Community Outreach

Alison McDonaldManaging Director, Approvals

Pat PiitzTeam Lead, Property



James Holland, Senior Planner

Claire LemaySenior Planner

Laura CritesPlanning Technician

Brent Harbers, Watershed Biologist

Megan Beehler, Approvals and Administrative Assistant



Geoff OwensRegulations Officer 

Stephan Desouches, Environmental Permitting Officer

Eric McGillCorporate Counsel


Septic Systems

Monique SauveChief Building Official Part 8 - Septic Systems

Jacques LevertInspector, Septic Systems 

Sylvie FracassiInspector, Septic Systems 

Ricky LaTulippe, Sewage Systems Inspections Assistant



Michel LegerCommunity Lands Representative 

Todd BakerProperty and Approvals Assistant

Ryan RobsonResource Technician

Shannon McRaeConservation Lands and Outreach (Student)

Gabriel GiorgiConservation Lands and Outreach (Student)

Spencer Van Putten, Property Co-op Student


Corporate Services

Ronda Boutz, Secretary-Treasurer

Johanna BarkleyDirector of Finance

Alicia HowseAssistant to the General Manager

Elise LefebvreAdministrative Assistant

Lorie HendersonAdministrative Assistant

Deborah Edwards, Accounting Assistant

Hannah Jackson, Accounting and Human Resources Specialist

Meaghen WertAdministrative Assistant


Communications and Outreach      

Erin ThorneCommunications Specialist

Kelsey SmithStewardship and Outreach Assistant

Carley Hutchinson, Stewardship and Outreach Assistant