Forestry Services

Forestry ServicesSNC is taking steps towards slowing down deforestation by planting over 3 million trees over the past 30 years for landowners across the watershed. This goal demands an approach that integrates data and science, strong planning, and enabling communities to plant more trees.

SNC invites landowners to help support these efforts by ordering seedlings through our tree planting programs or booking a free woodlot visit with one of our forestry professionals. 

Since 2009, SNC’s expert forestry knowledge and experience is available to private landowners through our Woodlot Advisory Service. Prescott and Russell and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry partners on this progam to help educate landowners about the environmental, social, and economic values of their woodlots.

SNC also provides land use permits for activities including hunting on SNC properties, and reserving our Conservation Areas for recreational day use.

Contact Forest Manager for a copy of 'Forest Management Summary and High Conservation Values Report and Review'.


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