Tree Planting Services

Each of these includes idle lands, stream banks, and buffer strips. Landowners that may be eligible for subsidy.


Forest Ontario: 50 Million Tree Program

SNC partners with Forest Ontario to provide seedlings, planting, and site preparation / tending for a  $ 0.20 fee per tree for conifers and $ 0.50 fee per tree for deciduous . We are proud to offer our stock to Eastern Ontario.

  • Have an open, productive planting area of ​​at least one hectare (2.5 acres) in size;
  • Ensure land is open and mostly open to woodland by the Forestry Act since December 31, 1989;
  • Minimum order is 1500 seedlings for a windbreak and 2000 seedlings for idle land; 
  • SNC staff visit each site, prepare a planting plan, apply the herbicide application (as required);
  • Bilingual technicians available; 
  • Sign a 15-year management agreement to maintain the trees. 

SNC is currently taking orders for the 2020  tree planting season.

Tree Planting Services


Green Acres - Ottawa's Rural Reforestation Program

The City of Ottawa offers both a homeowner and a resident of the city. Green Acres Provides incentive grants for over-the-counter  orders of 500 or more seedlings in the amount of $ 0.20 per seedling. Through the Full-Service Program  which requires 1000 trees or more, Green Acres will provide 50% of the planting costs in year 1 and will cover 75% of future trends in future years. 

Learn more about the Green Acres program  here .

Additional funding available for watercourses, through the  Ottawa Rural Clean Grants Program .


Biodiversity Over the Counter Tree Planting Program

If you are not eligible for the above programs, CNS also provides the counter tree sales. 

  • Minimum order 100 seedlings; 
  • Trees must be ordered in multiples of 50; 
  • Landowners are responsible for picking up their trees and planting them; 
  • No management agreement, no survival guarantees; 
  • Orders being accepted until February 1st for spring 2020. 

 We are currently taking orders for spring 2020, order your trees today! Contact Cheyene Brunet for more information.

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Trees, soil types and drainage fact sheet! 

Forestry Extension Notes

The Economic Value of Tree Planting in Southern Ontario