SNC Forestry Policy


Policy I.        

The management of the South Nation Forest shall comply with all South Nation Conservation policies and all applicable municipal, provincial and federal laws, including international conventions and obligatory codes of practice relating to the transportation and trade of forest products within and from the South Nation Forest.

Policy II.       

The South Nation Forest shall be managed to provide a range of products and services that will maintain or enhance the long-term viability and the range of environmental and social benefits.

Policy III.     

South Nation Conservation will employ silvicultural practices that are ecologically appropriate for the vegetation, species, sites and management objectives that maintain and/or enhance long-term forest diversity, health and productivity of the South Nation Forest.

Policy IV.     

South Nation Conservation will provide opportunities for the public, local communities and First Nations affected by the management of the South Nation Forest to provide advice on forest management.

Policy V.      

South Nation Conservation shall identify and uphold indigenous people’s legal rights of ownership, use and management of land, territories and resources affected by management activities.

Policy VI.     

South Nation Conservation forest operations will be evaluated for impacts on community relations, human health, and the natural environment, in addition to compliance with current laws and regulations.

Policy VII.   

South Nation Conservation shall review the forest policy and incorporate new objectives and knowledge.

Policy VIII.  

South Nation Conservation will conduct audits of forest management to ensure consistency with the forest policy and shall make the results of those audits available to the public.

Policy IX.     

South Nation Conservation shall administer and manage the forest to provide effective attainment of all the objectives utilizing professional standards.

Policy X.      

South Nation Conservation shall protect the South Nation Forest from unauthorized or illegal resource use, settlement or other illegal activities.

Policy XI.     

The management of the South Nation Forest shall adhere to the most current Forest Stewardship Council Principles and Criteria and related policies and standards.

Policy XII.   

The management of the South Nation Forest shall employ methods to maintain or restore natural conditions through the promotion of native plants and animal communities.

Policy XIII.  

South Nation Conservation shall identify High Conservation Values and shall develop strategies and/or actions, through engagement with affected stakeholders, to maintain and/or enhance those values using a precautionary approach.

Policy XIV. 

Management of the South Nation Forest shall employ integrated pest management and silviculture systems that avoid, or aim at eliminating, the use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides.