South Nation Conservation (SNC) works with its member municipalities and the Province of Ontario to protect people and property within its jurisdiction by regulating development in areas prone to flooding and other
natural hazards.

The Conservation Authorities Act and Ontario Regulation 41/24 establish regulated areas in and around natural hazards, watercourses, and wetlands where an SNC permit is required to undertake development activities.


A South Nation Conservation permit is required to:

(a) straighten, change, divert or interfere in any way with the existing channel of a river, creek, stream or watercourse or to change or interfere in any way with a wetland; or

(b) undertake development activities in:
                           i. floodplains;
                           ii. unstable slopes;
                          iii. unstable soils and bedrock;
                          iv. hazardous lands;
                           v. wetlands; and
                          vi. other areas within 30 metres of a wetland.

Development activity means:

(a) the construction, reconstruction, erection or placing of a building or structure of any kind,
(b) any change to a building or structure that would have the effect of altering the use or potential use of the building or structure, increasing the size of the building or structure or increasing the number of dwelling units in the building or structure,
(c) site grading, or
(d) the temporary or permanent placing, dumping or removal of any material, originating on the site or elsewhere

View South Nation Conservation's Regulation Policies.

Download more information on Conservation Authority Regulations here.

Regulations Staff

SNC Regulations Staff carry out the following duties:

  • provide information regarding regulations and development restrictions,
  • review applications and issue permits for development activities within regulated areas,
  • liaise with contractors,
  • undertake inspections and investigations of potential violations in regulated areas,
  • inspect for compliance with issued permits,
  • resolve minor infractions in cooperation with property owners,
  • resolve violations through discussions, removal, restoration and/or the permit process where possible, and
  • initiate legal proceedings, when necessary, to ensure compliance.


Are you planning development work near a
river, stream, wetland, slope, or shoreline?

You may require a permit from SNC. Contact us to find out and obtain a permit prior to any site grading and placing, dumping, or removing any material.

Areas where permits may be required are identified on SNC's Online Mapping Portal - Find Your Property.

Use the Find a Form tool to find the right application for your project.

SNC permits do not replace building permits, or any other permits issued by municipal offices and other government agencies.

Report a Concern

One of South Nation Conservation’s (SNC) principal mandates it to protect people and property from natural hazards. SNC relies on members of the public to assist in identifying and reporting development activities that may be in contravention of the Conservation Authorities Act.

If you are concerned about work taking place near a lake, river, stream, floodplain, steep slope, or wetland, please complete the online form or call the SNC Office at 1-877-984-2948.

View South Nation Conservation's Client Service Policy.

View South Nation Conservation's 2022 Annual Report on Permit Timelines.