Land Securement Strategy

Land Securement Strategy 2022-2027

The Need for Land Securement 

  • Population growth and rising agricultural prices increase the pressure to convert natural heritage land, including forests, to housing and farmland
  • Forest cover in the jurisdiction has fallen below minimum recommended levels
  • Demand for the environmental, social and economic functions provided by natural heritage lands is increasing
  • Land securement, by public bodies, is an effective way to protect natural heritage for public benefit
  • SNC lands, in particular forests, provide a natural legacy for the future
  • South Nation Conservation (SNC) has a 60 year history of land securement and conserves approximately 11,000 acres of land

Purpose of the Strategy

 Provides direction for future land securement.

Specifically the strategy:

  • Provides staff with a framework for recommending land to the Board
  • Serves as a point of reference for funding partners
  • Ensures the wise use of public funds 

Land Securement Strategy 

SNC’s Land Securement Strategy will be based on four core principles:

  • Lands providing environmental benefit
  • Lands providing social benefit
  • Lands providing economic benefit
  • Lands providing the protection of people and property from natural hazards
  • Lands with a geographic location which ensures a fair distribution of assets throughout the jurisdiction

SNC will work with willing property owners, Municipalities, and partners to acquire the best possible land for conservation. A case-by-case assessment will be undertaken, to determine the quality and significance of all properties considered for securement. SNC will prioritize the protection of lands by holding title (fee simple) either through donation or purchase, and work with conservation partners when easements or covenants are desirable.

The greatest growth potential in land securement may occur in land donation. This method of land owner-ship should be viewed as both an opportunity and service to property owners. SNC actively encourages donations of land, with such gifts often qualifying as charitable.

Please click here to download the Full Land Securement Strategy.