Flora and Fauna

Flora and FaunaOur unique geographic location heightens biodiversity in the South Nation watershed. Forests in our corner of Ontario are a part of a wide range of climate conditions, which link them to: the eastern Acadian, northern Boreal, southern Carolinian, and Great LakesSt. Lawrence Lowland forests.

SNC monitors watershed fauna using habitat suitability indexes that represent the capacity of a habitat to support a species; or by observing scat, tracks, and scrapes on the bark.

Unique species within our watershed include red spruce and moose. Red spruce has its range over eastern Canada in the Acadian forest type; and the northern portion of our watershed is ideal moose habitat.

Common flora in our conifer forests:
Canada Mayflower
Indian cucumber
Ground pine
Ground cedar
Sensitive fern

Common flora in our deciduous forests:
Blue bead lily
Bracken fern
Royal fern