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Do you need a permit from the Conservation Authority?

Use our mapping portal to ensure that you are within the SNC jurisdiction, or within a regulated area.


Building or working in or around water or wetlands?

Planning and Regulations Fee Schedule

PDF - Permit Application Form

Installing, Replacing or Repairing a Septic System?

Buying, Selling or Renovating a Property with a Private Sewage System 

Septic System - Permit Application Forms

Supplemental Forms (for Contractors) 

Septic Fee Schedule

Developing within a vulnerable drinking water protection area?

Application for Notice

Buying or selling property?

Property Inquiry Service/Data Request Form

Hunting or trapping on SNC property?

Hunting Permission Application

Looking to buy trees?

Tree Planting Services

Looking for free woodlot advice?

Woodlot Advisory Service 

Looking for grants?

Community Environmental Grants

Clean Water Grants

Ottawa Rural Clean Water Grants

Need to reserve a Conservation Area for an event?

Facility Use Permit Application

Memorial Tree and Bench Dedication

Donation Form

Looking for a meeting space?

Please contact our office for information on renting one of our meeting rooms.

Community groups may use our spaces for free!