Forest Conservation Initiative

 South Nation Conservation's Forest Conservation Initiative

South Nation Conservation and it's 16 member municipalities are committed to conserving regional forest cover. 

With increased development pressures and land-use changes, forest cover continues to decline in the South Nation jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario. 

Protecting and Increasing Forest Cover in the South Nation Conservation JurisdictionSNC engaged municipal partners, all local federations of agriculture, forestry partners like Forest Ontario, Ontario Woodlot Association, Boisés Est, and local stewardship and environmental groups to review the state of forest cover and deliver recommendations to Conservation Authorities and Municipalities on ways to conserve and increase forest cover. More info on engagement activities and the Forest Conservation Working Group here. South Nation Conservation is working with its municipal partners on the recommendations within this report.

Forests are important natural resources, vital to our communities and the environment. They provide important environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits - and they're worth conserving, restoring and managing. 



SNC works to place important, ecologically-sensitive land under public ownership through it's Land Securement Program. SNC purchases land every year, manages community forests on behalf of municipalities and receives donations of land to protect natural legacies.

Some properties are managed woodlots, sustainable harvest revenue supports forest management activities. Some properties are maintained as public Conservation Areas for communities to enjoy. A variety of recreational opportunities are available on SNC's Community Land



SNC visits forests under private ownership through it's free Woodlot Advisory Service. Forestry professionals visit private woodlots to offer management advice, resources, tips, maps and help with tree identification. 

SNC offers $500 grants to woodlot owners to help them create Forest Management Plans. These plans ensure that forests are managed for 10 years and allow property owners to apply for a 75% property tax rebate on their forests through the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

SNC offers a variety of Tree Planting Programs to support property owners planting trees on their properties. Subsidies and free services are available. Whether you're looking to re-plant idle land, create a windbreak, plant trees along a watercourse or just buy 50 trees - we're here to help.


Forestry Program Highlights include stats on trees planted and lost, private woodlots visited, number of public land managed, details on land donations and community partnerships.