Board of Directors and Committees

South Nation Conservation - Governance

Board of Directors

Municipalities within our jurisdiction appoint representatives to the Board of Directors, which oversee SNC’s budget, programs, and services.

SNC’s Board of Directors is comprised of 12 representatives from 16 Municipalities across it's jurisdiction.

2021-22 Executive

 Left: Pierre Leroux, Vice Chair - Centre: George Darouze, Chair - Right: Bill Smirle, Past Chair

2021-22 Executive

Chair:                              George Darouze, Councillor, City of Ottawa

Vice Chair:                      Pierre Leroux, Mayor, Russell

Past-Chair:                     Bill Smirle, Public Representative, Stormont Dundas Glengarry

2021-22 Municipal Representatives:

City of Ottawa 

Michael Brown, Public Representative

Gerrie Kautz, Public Representative

Catherine Kitts, Councillor

United Counties of Prescott and Russell

François St. Amour, Mayor, La Nation

Mario Zanth, Mayor, Clarence Rockland

United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry

Steve Densham, Councillor, North Stormont                                 

Archie Mellan, Councillor, South Dundas

United Counties of Leeds Grenville

Dana Farcasiu, Public Representative, North Grenville

John Hunter, Councillor, Edwardsburgh Cardinal


To access archived versions of the Board agenda packages, please contact:

Dianne MacMillan, | 1-877-984-2948

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South Nation Conservation Administrative By-Laws can be accessed here.

Standing Committees

Four Committees review SNC programs and develop recommendations to the Board. They include representatives from the general public, community groups, agriculture, business, industry, municipalities, government, and the Board of Directors. SNC environmental stewardship success depends upon partnerships to build strong, sensible programs with broad-based support.

Clean Water
The Clean Water Committee’s main function is to administer water quality programs. This includes the Clean Water Program, a grant-giving initiative that helps landowners protect surface and ground water quality.

Responsible for all internal and external communications, the 12-member Communications Committee meets regularly to discuss promotion, press releases, special events, and fundraising.

Fish and Wildlife
The Fish and Wildlife Committee has a wide membership with both formal training and years of experience on which to draw. Biologists, life-long fishermen, professional anglers, students, and a wildlife technician meet four times a year to discuss the state of the South Nation fishery.

The forestry committee provides guidance to SNC staff in the delivery of its forestry program. Members include representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, forestry consultants, farmers, rural landowners, board members, contractors, and provincial and municipal governments.