Forest Stewards Program

Are you someone with a passionate interest in nature? Help preserve the beauty of natural spaces and become a forest steward today!

SNC has a number of properties where volunteers can act as eyes and ears on the ground. Becoming a forest steward is a great way to get involved and help ensure that we continue to have healthy forests for the enjoyment of local residents and beyond.

Forest stewards reflect a wide range of individuals from residents, to hunters and naturalists. Forest stewards receive training and assist staff in the management of forests by monitoring assigned properties in the vicinity of where they live.

Acting as a liaison between landowners and SNC, forest stewards will address any questions and concerns. Adjacent property owners are encouraged to voice questions and concerns to the forest stewards, who will in turn ensure that the information is directed to the appropriate SNC staff member.


As a forest steward, your duties and responsibilities could include the following:

Site Management

  • Provide input into site management plans
  • Periodic site inspections and reporting
  • Install and maintain signs
  • Create interactive site cleanup as necessary
  • Assist with site improvements (parking lots, trails, etc.)
  • Perform minor repairs
  • Monitor site activity
  • Assist in fundraising activities

Communication & Awareness

  • Assist planning and leading educational programs
  • Communicate/address concerns and issues
  • Capture and share photo-documentation

Natural History

  • Build and install bird houses
  • Map special features
  • Observe the onsite species and document sightings

What we provide

  • Technical advice and support for monitoring
  • Special access privileges to SNC forests

Contact Cheyenne Brunet for more information or to sign up: