Delegation Requests


SNC wishes to ensure that everyone who appears before the Authority is able to make a meaningful contribution and is given a fair hearing before the Authority, its Board or Committees. Those wishing to present themselves as a delegate should be aware that:

  • The request to present a delegation, should be made in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Authority at least ten calendar days in advance of a meeting.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer will advise the organization or individual that they are listed on the meeting agenda and inform them of the meeting date, time and location.
  • Where there are a large number of people or organizations wishing to speak to an issue, the Authority may schedule a special meeting
  • Anyone present at an Authority meeting may ask to be a delegate. The Chair will then ask for a vote to determine whether to hear the delegation
  • Each Delegate is limited to ten minutes

It is useful for Authority Members to have as much information as possible from an individual or group who wishes to be a delegation. Delegations are encouraged to provide the following information in advance:

  • Name of the organization, and name of the person representing the organization including his or her position with the organization, if applicable
  • A summary of the issue to which they intend to speak
  • A clear statement of their position on the issue

Some of the questions that are frequently asked by Members of the Authority are:

  • How many people are represented by your organization? How long has the organization existed?
  • Has the organization approached other public bodies with respect to the issue? Has the organization held public meetings to discuss the issue? Is the organization open to the public?
  • Has the organization approached staff of South Nation Conservation (SNC) to try to resolve the issue? Has the organization or individual approached local members of a Municipal Council for assistance in this matter?

The Authority Members usually have the benefit of a staff report on the issue, but it is always helpful to have supporting facts or other information from the delegation. If this can be provided at least eight days before the meeting, then staff of SNC will ensure that it is circulated to Members of the Authority.