Larose Forest Project

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is pleased to announce a  three-year partnership with Ontario Power Generation and the United Counties of Prescott-Russell to restore an area of Larose Forest where red pine plantations deteriorated due to wet conditions. Restoration efforts will include enhancing the function of headwater drainage features, reducing erosion and increasing biodiversity through the planting of a treed “riparian area”. 

Additionally, from time to time UCPR contracts SNC to assist with native plant inventories as well as harvest and operational plans.

Additional restoration efforts include recreating pit and mound topography, migration trials of Carolinian species and testing alternative native species for suitability in sandy soils and wet-prone sites. For more information read our Larose Forest Biodiversity project summary.

Annual Reports for the project are available for 2017, 2018 and 2019. As well as quarterly updates available here, Issue #1, Issue #3, and Issue #4.

Projects such as this provide invaluable information on species trials, site techniques, and habitat rehabilitation;  SNC continues to be a leader in environmental remediation and conservation.