Habitat Restoration

Wood Duck Box

Habitat Restoration work at SNC is proof that wildlife habitats can thrive, but changes to shorelines, forest cover and habitat fragmentation can degrade them. Healthy wildlife habitat is vulnerable to: clearing trees and vegetation along shorelines; excessive soil sliding into waterways; and grass clippings, which cause harmful nutrient levels.

We lead fish and wildlife habitat restoration projects such as: adding materials that help shelter juvenile fish; planting native vegetation for shade and oxygenating the water; creating safe and suitable nesting habitat for waterfowl and turtles; and reinforcing stream banks to stabilize active erosion.

Our project success includes walleye spawning enhancement projects; wetland restoration projects; and planting native trees, shrubs, and perennials to improve habitat throughout the jurisdiction.

Check out one of our factsheets to learn more about SNC's projects to restore wildlife habitat and increase biodiversity!