Stoodley Farm Grass Buffer Project


John Stoodley and his family have been farming along the South Castor Municipal Drain in Vernon for over two generations; primarily producing dairy, hay, soybean and corn.

John’s land is his most valuable asset, and past flooding and erosion has proven challenging.

Thanks to a variety of funding sources including the City of Ottawa’s Rural Clean Water Program and ALUS Ontario East, South Nation Conservation partnered to plant a grass buffer along the Municipal Drain through his property by squaring fields and sowing a multi-species grass mix.

This helped stabilize the stream bank and reduce erosion to conserve valuable soil for his crops while protecting local water quality and providing habitat for fish and wildlife. The grass can also be harvested as hay to be sold or used on farm.

Why Plant a Grass Buffer?

Environmental Benefits:

  1. Filters runoff from adjacent land uses
  2. Traps sediments
  3. Reduces erosion and soil loss
  4. Provides habitat for pollinators
  5. Provides habitat for fish and wildlife

Benefits to Farming:

  1. Reduces flooding
  2. Helps keep nutrients on the field
  3. Conserves soil and produces hay
  4. Maintains pollination of crops
  5. Helps to improve local water quality

Project Video