Invasive Species

The South Nation Watershed is home to more than 20 invasive species such as zebra mussels, dog-strangling vine, and European buckthorn.  Invasive species can damage the environment, infrastructure and agricultural practices. Monitoring the distribution of invasive species is important for controlling their spread and identifying areas of concern. South Nation Conservation is part of the Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program which monitors and tracks the spread of invasive species in the province.  Learn more about the Invading Species Awareness Program here.

Beware of giant hogweed and wild parsnip
Giant hogweed and wild parsnip are invasive species found in sunny upland fields and ditches along the edge of wet meadows in the watershed. The noxious sap from both species, in contact with exposed skin, can cause severe skin inflammation and blistering when exposed to sunlight. Giant hogweed is a massive plant with coarse, jagged leaves and a flat, umbrella-shaped flowering head with numerous white flowers. This plant commonly exceeds 2 m in height. Wild parsnip is smaller–less than 1.5 m in height–and the flowers on its umbrella-shaped flowering heads are yellow.

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