Water Control Structures

Chesterville DamThe Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources sponsors the Water and Erosion Control Structure Infrastructure (WECI) program for Conservation Authorities. The program provides support for major maintenance projects and studies important to the viability of flood and erosion control structures. The provincial program requires annual submission of proposals which are reviewed by a committee of peers for project eligibility and ranking.

SNC owns, operates, and maintains seven water control structures and has undertaken four flood control channelization projects throughout the watershed. This infrastructure serves purposes such as flood control, erosion control, low flow augmentation, water supply, recreation, and protection of fish and wildlife habitat. 

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Chesterville Dam

The 1978 Chesterville Dam controls a drainage area of 1,050 km2. It consists of a six-bay, reinforced concrete structure. The dam provided a water supply for the Nestlé Canada Inc. plant. SNC’s upgrades to the gate control devices allow it to open if water levels rise. To make reservoir users aware of the changes, the Public Safety Procedure for the Chesterville Dam includes warning signage and public awareness materials and media releases.

Crysler Dam

The Crysler Dam controls a drainage area of about 1,300 km2. First built circa 1900, it consisted of: an overflow section; a north and south retaining wall; a north abutment; an intake channel; and a mill. Modifications to the dam in 1975 include: plugging the mill's intake channel; strengthening the overflow dam stone and timber crib construction; adding a downstream concrete/stone apron; and constructing a new stop log channel, low-flow augmentation and associated channel on the south river bank. The dam currently improves water quality through low-flow augmentation and offers recreational opportunities.

Casselman Weir

The 1958 Casselman Weir consists of an overflow section and a one-bay, stop log channel. Construction of a 375 kW hydroelectric plant in 1987 diverted water from upstream the weir. In 1996, the weir was raised by 0.6 m to increase water storage. Current uses for the weir include recreation, low-flow augmentation, municipal water supply, and hydroelectric requirements.

Russell Weir

In 1967, a 79 m long and about 4 m high reinforced concrete weir was constructed downstream from the original 1916 dam site.

Spencerville Weir

The Spencerville weir on the South Nation River, adjacent to the old Spencerville Mill, was built last century to provide a millpond to operate the mill.

Plantagenet Weir

The Plantagenet weir is about 30 m north of the existing railway bridge crossing on the South Nation River.  

Seguinbourg Berm

Seguinbourg Berm on the South Nation River at Casselman, was built to protect a section of the valley from river erosion.