Monitoring melt water; we need your help!

Every spring, the South Nation Watershed experiences
a freshet—a large burst of melt water into our
streams and rivers. SNC is
asking residents to enhance our monitoring
efforts by sharing photos of water levels in
your area.

Have you seen any of the following?
We want to know!

  • Unusual water levels
  • Nuisance flooding
  • River ice break-ups

Send your photos by Email, tweet @SouthNationCA
or post to our Facebook page.

Enter your best shots to win a prize! SNC is donating rain gauges every week to the volunteers with the
best submissions. Rain gauges are instruments used to gather and measure precipitation over time.

By including the following details, you will help us with our monitoring program records.

  • What are the weather conditions?
  • How is the stream surface (frozen, open, flowing)?
  • Is the ice cracking/breaking?
  • What colour is the ice (black, brown, white)?
  • How is the water level (high, low, normal)?
  • Is there any snow (on the ice/on the banks)?
  • Is there any nuisance flooding?
  • How are the road ditches (frozen, open flowing)?

By submitting a photo, you agree that you own the work and authorize SNC to publish the image for non-commercial use. Files should be formatted as a jpeg and no more than 2 MB.

Thanks Carolyn for sharing this photo of the Chesterville Dam, April 8, 2014 at 09:00.