Leitrim Wetland Advisory Committee

The Leitrim Wetland is located within the South Nation River Watershed, South-East of the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport. The wetland feeds the headwaters of Findlay Creek that eventually drains into the North Castor River. Both the wetland and creek are important natural ecosystems; the Leitrim Wetland has been identified as a provincially significant wetland and Findlay Creek provides habitat for numerous fish species.

In 2001, South Nation Conservation has teamed up with representatives from Tartan Land Corporation, Tamarack Homes, Tartan Homes, the City of Ottawa, environmental agencies, and the local community to create the Leitrim Wetland Advisory Committee (LWAC).

The objective of this committee is to establish, coordinate and review management, stewardship and education activities related to the Leitrim Wetland.

The purpose of this committee is to preserve the integrity of Leitrim Wetland, to manage it is a sustainable manner, and to create educational and funding partnerships by working with all levels of government, related conservation and environmental agencies, as well as the surrounding community and schools.

SNC has worked with the LWAC and community volunteers on various stewardships projects within the Leitrim Wetland such as; invasive species removal, construction of a 500 metre boardwalk, tree planting and more.