Jessup's Falls Conservation Area, Plantagenet, Ontario

Jessup’s Falls is a gateway to natural discovery—both above and below the surface. This popular fishing paradise boasts outcroppings of rock to cast your line from. Watch the fish jump in the early morning or evening, from the shade of mature white pine and oak trees. Enjoy a picnic and scenic views of cottages and wildflowers dotting the shoreline. There are pockets of poison ivy on this property, so please be cautious.

Jessup's Falls Conservation Area

Jessup's Falls Conservation Area Factsheet  

Park features

  • Address: 6675 Highway 17, Plantagenet 
  • Area: 13 acres
  • Activities: Picnic facilities, geocaching, dog walking (on leash)
  • Amenities: Picnic shelter, picnic tables, barbeques, privies, parking, garbage cans

River Access features

  • Conditions: Wide bay, rock outcroppings, deep waters beyond bridge
  • Activities: Boat launching, fishing (walleye, pike, muskellunge, smallmouth bass), ice fishing
  • Amenities: Floating dock