Great Blue Heron Route

Great Blue Heron RouteYou will enjoy some of the most scenic views of the South Nation River when you paddle the Great Blue Heron Route, beginning in South Mountain. From County Road 3, turn onto Mill Street; this brings you to the water’s edge.

In some locations, you might see cattle accessing the water. If you encounter any, please stay clear and keep paddling.

Seasonally, there are fast-moving waters at the junction of the South and Main Branches of the River. SNC encourages you to portage along the top of the bank, until you pass the shallow, rocky area, and check water levels before continuing.

You will arrive at scenic Cass Bridge Conservation Area on the west side of the River. An open, green space; observation area; boat launch; play structure; picnic tables; parking; and privies are available at this site, south of the Village of Winchester.

The Chesterville boat launch and waterfront are on the west side of the River. You can access the boat launch by car on Queen Street, near the Main Street intersection. Park onsite and discover the restaurants and shops in this charming Village.

Under normal, early season conditions, there is a portage of about 0.5 km from the waterfront to the starting point of the King Fisher Route.

Starting point: Mill Street, South Mountain
Ending point: Queen Street, Chesterville
Estimated distance:  28 km (B-C on map)
Estimated time:  7.5 hours