Findlay Creek, Ottawa, Ontario

The Findlay Creek Boardwalk takes visitors along a 900 m path through this provincially significant wetland south of the Findlay Creek community.

Findlay Creek Boardwalk drone picture
The wetland contains marshland, cedar swamp and calcareous fen – which is a rare wetland in the Ottawa area with non-acidic peat fed by cold groundwater rich in certain minerals. This area is designated as an area of natural and scientific interest, and is home to 90 bird species throughout the year and 40 migratory species during migration. This area is a headwater feature of Findlay Creek, an important cool water stream in the South Nation watershed.

Findlay Creek Factsheet

Funding by: Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

Trail features

  • Address: 2835 Findlay Creek Drive, Ottawa 
  • Activities: Hiking/walking, geocaching, dog walking (on leash)