Community Lands Geo-Passport

This passport guides users through a real-life adventure within South Nation Conservation’s jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario, featuring twenty geocaches to help you discover the ecological, economical and social benefits of forests in the area. 

Download your copy of the South Nation Conservation Community Lands Geo-Passport log sheet here.

Download your copy of the South Nation Conservation Community Lands Geo-Passport here.


  1. Register your free username at
  2. Print out a South Nation Conservation Community Lands Geo-Passport
  3. Bring along a GPS device or use a geocaching app on a smartphone
  4. Fill out the Community Lands Geo-Passport as you find hidden caches 

Prizes & Rules

  • Be sure to mark the code word in the Community Lands Geo-Passport
  • If you find 15 of the 20 hidden caches, you are eligible to receive a South Nation Conservation geocoin. To claim your geocoin, please mail or drop off the completed form to:

38 Victoria Street. P.O. Box 29 Finch, Ontario K0C 1K0

Tel: 613-984-2948 | Toll free: 1-877-984-2948 | Fax: 613-984-2872

Office Hours: South Nation Conservation’s office is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The office is closed for all statutory holidays. Outside of business hours, the Community Lands Geo-Passport can be submitted at the afterhours dropbox located at our front door entrance. Allow two to four weeks for delivery of your geocoin prize (while supplies last).

Terms & Conditions

  • Limit of 1 geocoin per geocaching team (household)
  • South Nation Conservation is not responsible for Geo-Passports lost in the mail and reserves the right to limit or revoke this offer at any time

Click on any of the links below to learn more about the 20 geocaches in the Community Lands Geo-Passport:

  1. GC7M2JF - Medicinal Trees
  2. GC7M2JG - Historic Forest Cover
  3. GC7M2JH - Hunting and Trapping
  4. GC7M2JJ - Forested Riparian Zones
  5. GC7M2JK - Man Made Forests
  6. GC7M2JM - Nature’s Foundation
  7. GC7M2JP - Invasive Species Management
  8. GC7M2JT - Frozen Forests
  9. GC7M2JV - The Root of Erosion Control
  10. GC7M2JW - Urban Forests
  11. GC7M2JY - Un-BEE-lievable Pollinators
  12. GC7M2K1 - Roadside Tree Planting
  13. GC7M2K2 - Sustainable Forest Management
  14. GC7M2K3 - Getting to Know H20
  15. GC7M2K6 - Trees and Me
  16. GC7M2K8 - Land: A Natural Legacy
  17. GC7M2K9 - Forest Products: Maple Syrup
  18. GC7M2KB - Reforestation
  19. GC7M2KE - Flood Prevention
  20. GC7M2KF - Forested Wetlands


Provincial funding support was received to support this project.