Cass Bridge Conservation Area, Winchester ON

Cass Bridge Conservation Area, Winchester, OntarioCass Bridge Conservation Area has some of the most scenic views of the South Nation River. Enjoy the tranquillity of placid waters from the observation area, or launch your boat from the floating dock. With open, green space, a play structure, parking, and privies, Cass Bridge is a perfect stopover off County Road 31. Soak up this relaxed atmosphere even longer by enjoying a picnic nestled in the trees.

Cass Bridge Conservation Area Factsheet    

Park features

  • Address: 12212 Cass Bridge Road, Winchester 
  • Area: 2.6 acres
  • Activities: Boat launching, fishing, picnic facilities, geocaching, play structure, dog walking (on leash)
  • Amenities: Privies, observation area, floating dock, play structure, garbage cans, small parking lot