Limoges Wetland Demonstration Site

In 2014, in the Village of Limoges (La Nation Municipality), South Nation Conservation has deployed a floating wetlands project in a storm water treatment pond. These floating wetlands are intended to mimic nature and deliver similar water quality improvements in limiting algae growth. This green alternative provides a highly efficient, natural way to improve water quality and increase buffer habitats decreasing nutrient and pollution runoff without the use of chemicals. The wetlands are constructed from durable, non-toxic recycled plastics and vegetated with native plants. Once nutrients in the water come into contact with the plants, the plants and microbes consume them. SNC has been developing and experimenting with natural approaches to nutrient loading and pollution reduction management for the past 20 years, through on-farm constructed wetlands and Control Tile Drainage (CTD). Other interesting applications for the floating wetlands include: treatment of municipal wastewater, waterways degraded by agricultural runoff, and ponds/lakes impacted by waterfowl or septic systems.


The Storm Water Pond and floating wetlands are located in the Village of Limoges, in the South Indian Village Subdivision between 29 and 47 South Indian Dr., Limoges, ON, K0A 2M0