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22-Sep-2014 22-Sep-2014

This article was featured in Trailwise, the Weekly E-Bulletin of the Ontario Trails Council (OTC) – the provincial trails association in Ontario. Week of September 18, 2014.

SNC would like to thank the OTC for featuring this article and to the Seaway Valley Arabian Horse Association for co-authoring the article.

Over Labor Day weekend, South Nation Conservation (SNC) hosted a set of visitors at its Warwick Forest Conservation Area. Hooved friends and their riders, of the Seaway Valley Arabian Horse Association, took part in the Stormont Ride and toured across the newly-completed Warwick Forest boardwalk.

Ride organizers were grateful for the ongoing support of SNC and in the true spirit of community partnership the Seaway Valley Arabian Horse Association, the local sanctioning body of the biannual rides, contributed towards the lumber for the new boardwalk engineered and constructed by SNC. 

Although the horses were initially apprehensive of the new structure, the riders were grateful to have the boardwalk in place for the ride to save them from navigating the muddy gulley.

SNC manages and maintains a range of natural areas and Conservation Areas such as the Warwick Forest Conservation Area, hosting recreational opportunities and many unique events put on by community groups each year.
The Stormont Ride has become a true local success story as over the past ten years it has grown from a small local ride to one that has earned international respect. Seaway Valley Arabian Horse Association bases the success of this event largely on the support the organizers receive locally from their volunteers, their local business community, landowners and from their relationship with SNC.

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Please take the time to enjoy the trails on foot or on horseback – you will be glad you did!

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