Watershed Adventures

From maple syrup ecology, to the insects in your backyard, and everything in between, SNC offers 11 hands-on, curriculum-based, Watershed Adventures to local schools and community groups.

Our programs are suitable for Kindergarten to grade four, and include a craft or activity to reflect the lesson. Our outreach staff and volunteers deliver programs for about an hour, free of charge, and welcome donations. 

New watershed adventure programs were developed with support from Ontario Power Generation. 

What Habitat is That? 

Explore four different types of rare habitats, including grasslands, found throughout SNC’s jurisdiction and the different species that live there. Learn about the features that make these habitats unique, and how to help conserve them. 

Totally Turtles

Get to know the six species of turtles in Eastern Ontario that are at risk. Participants will learn how to identify the species found in the area, and will learn about wetlands, a turtle’s habitat.

*Please note that live turtles are not part of this adventure program. 

Trees n' Me

Discover the activities in the daily life of a tree. Participants will act as junior foresters and will investigate the world of native trees and woodland species. 

Fishing Frenzy

Learn how to recognize species of fish that live in our local waterways. Find out about fish conservation, play the fishing frenzy ID game, and create some fishy artwork. This teaches the importance of fish to a healthy watershed. 


Orienteering and GPS skills will be taught and put into practice with geocaches hidden nearby before the adventure. Participants use maps or GPS units to locate the hidden capsules. 

Getting to Know H2O

Find out all about water, water cycles and watersheds. Learn how runoff and pollution can enter into waterways; and initiatives we can take to lessen these impacts on our local environment. 

Invasive Species

This is an opportunity to get familiar with the invasive species that are changing our ecosystems. Participants will learn how to identify invasive plants, animals, and bugs found in the area and learn what to do if they come across them.

It’s a Bug’s Life

Explore the fascinating world of an aquatic ecosystem by examining bugs. Learn to identify species of insects, their characteristics, and what they tell us about the health of a river. Look at live samples under a microscope and create a nature journal documenting what you see.

Off we go!

Participants learn the importance and value of water around the globe. Why is it important to conserve water? Experience what it is like for children in developing countries to obtain this resource to find out!

Wormy World

Learn all about composting, worms and bacteria, and their importance to ecosystem cleanliness and health. This teaches composting and vermi-composting practices by demonstrating how microbiota and worms work to break down your garbage, which produces less waste and healthier soil. Learn how to make your own compost and what you can and can’t put in it.

Maple Magic

Learn about this traditional Canadian delight in this sweet lesson featuring different species of maples, the Aboriginal history of maple syrup, and modern day practices.