Healthy Home Guidebook

The Healthy Home Guidebook is designed especially for you, the rural homeowner, to rate how your activities affect both the environment and your family’s health. Each chapter explains possible risks based on a household topic and why you should be concerned. By completing the assessment in each chapter, you will become aware which of your activities are good home care practices and which activities need changing.

Many people do not realize there are possible risks in and around their homes, which can affect their family’s health, their home environment and the quality of their drinking water. Knowing about the risks today may help prevent costly cleanups, repairs and legal
troubles in the future. In addition, taking steps to cut back on water usage, energy and other resources, can save you money in the long run.

Taking care of your home in an environmentally sensible way has a bigger impact than you might think. Your home occupies only a small piece of land, but add up all the homes across the country, and you’ve suddenly covered a lot of ground. That means your home care activities, along with everyone else’s, can have a big impact. Taking care of the environment begins in your own home!

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