Stream of Dreams

Stream of Dreams is an eco-education program that educates communities about their local watershed, rivers and streams, encourages behavioral change to conserve and protect water, empowers youth to make a positive environmental impact, and creates a community art legacy.

SNC is licensed to deliver this nation-wide community art and environmental education program. More info on the National Program here. 

The Program is typically delivered within schools and includes 2-3 days of curriculum-based programming, depending on the number of student participants. 

Throughout the workshops, students will learn about the importance of protecting fish habitat and protecting streams through a multi-barrier approach. Workshops are presented in individual classrooms to ensure that Ontario Science and Geography curriculum objectives are being met.

Following the in-class workshop, students will participate in a Visioning and StoryTelling Workshop and will be provided with a wooden fish canvas to paint for the mural. SNC and recruited parent volunteers will then mount the fish on the school’s fence as a lasting legacy for the school and community to enjoy.

If you know of a schoolyard fence that could use a colorful, fishy mural, contact SNC to discuss upcoming opportunities and program fees!

Mural at St. Patricks Catholic School in Rockland.

A group of children smile at the camera at a table where they are decorating their wooden fish.

A smiling child holds up their decorated wooden fish from the Stream of Dreams Program..

An SNC employee teaches a group of children about fish and water protection in the Stream of Dreams Program.

A child holds up their wooden fish with a friend smiling beside them proudly.

A group of children, SNC employees, teachers, and SNC board members pose in front of a fence with a completed Stream of Dream display

A child uses a paintbrush to decorate their wooden fish.

Stream of Dreams teachers speak to a group of children--cross-legged on the floor of a classroom--who raise their hands in excitement