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SNC Spring Cleanup Event in Iroquois April 25

With much of the area snow cover melted away, revealing a winter’s worth of garbage accumulation, it’s time for the 6th annual Cache-in, Trash-Out (CITO) hosted by South Nation Conservation (SNC) and Geocachers of Eastern Ontario (GEO). Read more


Date: April 9, 2015Time: 3:30 pmPrepared by: South Nation ConservationSOUTH NATION JURISDICTION – South Nation Conservation is issuing an Updated Watershed Conditions Statement. SNC cautions that watercourses are flowing rapidly and expected to rise slowly over the next week. Read more

SNC to update forest cover study

South Nation Conservation (SNC) has launched an analysis of forest cover intended to compare treed areas within the 4,382 square-km jurisdiction between 2008 and 2014.   While anecdotal evidence indicates that cover has decreased considerably because of clear-cutting for development and agricultural expansion, the study will provide a more scientific examination of the situation; it’ll rely on sophisticated satellite-generated aerial photography.   “The goal is to have an up-to-date idea of the percentage of forest cover across the jurisdiction Read more

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