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Continuously improving, South Nation Conservation staff has implemented a new tool that allows them to provide early-warning to residents of the 4,200 square-km jurisdiction. The short version of the program name is easy to remember: WISKI. The acronym stands for Water Information System Kisters. Kisters is the name of the software company offering the program in question to companies and organizations around the world. In the case of flood forecasting, the emphasis is on speed in capturing relevant data. Read more

All Aboard the SNC Fall Watershed Tour

One of the best ways to get a close-up view of the local landscape is by coach. You don’t have to focus on the driving, you’re up high looking through expansive windows, and the seats are extra comfy. That’s just part of the attraction of the annual South Nation Conservation fall bus tour coming up September 23rd, rain or shine. The bus departs SNC offices in Finch at 8 a.m., returning at 4 p.m. Read more

Stream Watch - Invasive Species Removal

SNC Stream Watch Crew is at it again! On Tuesday August 19, volunteers from RBC Embrun helped to remove Japanese Knotweed from a stream bank along a Castor River Tributary. This invasive perennial plant spreads quickly, creates dense thickets, and degrades wildlife habitat. Originally used as an ornamental plant in gardens, this plant competes agressively with other native plants in the area and limits biodiversity. It is also readily transported along riparian zones by flowing watercourses. Read more

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