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Full Township of Alfred and Plantagenet Joins South Nation Conservation Jurisdiction

At the request of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, South Nation Conservation has expanded its 4200 square-km jurisdiction to include the entire Township, within SNC boundaries. Prior to the municipal vote and approval by the SNC board, about two-thirds of the Township was already within SNC boundaries, now the final one third adjacent to the Ottawa River, has been included. Read more

Local Stakeholders and Septic System Professionals Come Together to Protect Local Water Resources

Joint press release issued by the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association and South Nation Conservation. Clean water is critical to human health and is also essential to our natural environment.  Protecting the sources of municipal drinking water supplies, through the Clean Water Act, has become a priority for our local municipalities and Conservation Authorities. Read more

Duck Box Project Boosts Urban Waterfowl Population

 It may seem like the timing is off, but with the Eastern Ontario landscape frozen solid, it’s actually the perfect time for urban conservationists to prepare for spring arrival of various waterfowl. That’s why South Nation Conservation is collaborating with volunteers to install Wood Duck nesting boxes in the Leitrim Wetland. Twenty five boxes have been put up to date. Other birds such as the Eastern Screech Owl are also known to call the boxes home. Read more

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