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Robert Graham Conservation Area Temporarily Closed for Maintenance

Robert Graham Conservation Area, located on Glen Stewart Road in Brinston, is the perfect spot to reconnect with nature.  Filled with mature sugar maples and conifers, it provides excellent habitat for wildlife and is open year-round for activities from hiking and snowshoeing to geocaching. The Conservation Area is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning that it is managed to standards designed to improve forest health, increase forest productivity, protect species diversity and wildlife habitat, and maintain social benefits, such as outdoor recreation. Read more

Plant Your Roots in SNC Forestry Programs

If you enjoy exploring local, natural outdoor spaces, South Nation Conservation (SNC) can use your help! With over 12,000 acres of forested land under SNC’s ownership throughout its 4,384 km2 jurisdiction from North of Brockville to Plantagenet, SNC recruits Forest Stewards to help manage and protect their local environment. Read more


South Nation Conservation’s (SNC) is downgrading the Flood Watch Statement for the St. Lawrence River issued on June 22, 2017 to a Water Safety Statement for the Townships of Augusta and Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. Read more

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