Staff Listing

Angela Coleman, General Manager/Secretary Treasurer 226
Ronda Boutz, Team Lead, Stewardship, Acting    251
Michelle Cavanagh, Team Lead, Stewardship    304
Sandra Mancini, Team Lead, Engineering 223
Technical Specialists       
Amie Boudreau Ivany, Senior Fish Habitat Assessment Biologist  246
Cheyene Brunet, Forestry Technician  295
Sean Bryan, Stewardship Student 286
Chris Craig, Senior Forestry Technician  234
Natalie Gottschall, WEBs Laboratory Manager     
Brent HarbersStewardship Assistant  298
Tristan JacksonStewardship Co-op Student   
Michael Jones, Water Resources Analyst 310
Omar Kana'n,  Engineering Assistant 309
Naomi Langlois-Anderson, Sr Fish and Wildlife Technician  250
Kiersti McMillanFloodplain Mapping and Data Assistant  294
Karen Paquette, Fisheries Technician      
Ryan Robson, Resource Technician   224
Mesha Sagram, Stewardship Assistant    298
Golam Sharif, Water Resources Engineer 373
Katherine Watson, Water Resources Specialist     291
Property and Approvals     
Pat PiitzTeam Lead, Property 306
Mathieu Leblanc, Team Lead, Planning  303
Laura Crites, Property and Approvals Assistant  372
Philip Duncan, Property and Approvals Assistant II  292
James Holland, Watershed Planner  227
Lyman Jones, GIS Specialist 232
Marika Livingston, Environmental Planner  311
Michael Melaney, Hydrogeologist  305
Eric McGillProperty and Approvals Assistant II  308
Samantha Paisley, Property and Approvals Assistant     371
Jason Symington, Environmental Technologist  230
Sylvie Fracassi, Sewage Systems Inspector  297
Jacques Levert, Sewage Systems Inspector  301
Geoff Owens, Regulations Officer  240
Monique Sauve, Lead - Sewage Systems Inspector  316
David Fitch, Works Superintendent Assistant  239
Michel LegerLands Assistant  289
Organization Effectiveness       
Linda Hutchinson, Director  300
Carl Bickerdike, Team Lead, Corporate Services 287
John Mesman, Team Lead, Communications 302
Corporate Services       
Eric Belanger, Corporate Services Student 228
Deborah Edwards, Accounting Assistant II  243
Lorie Henderson, Administrative Assistant II  221
Hannah Jackson, Accounting Analyst   231
Elise Lefebvre, Administrative Assistant II  228
Dianne MacMillan, Administrative Assistant II  321
Simon Thibeault, Accountant  225
Communications and Outreach        
Bruno Jung-Millen, Communications and Outreach Assistant  235
Holly Nyenkamp, Communications and Outreach Assistant 370
Kelsey Smith, Communications and Outreach Assistant  313
Holly Stemberger, Community Lands Assistant  288
Lisa Van De Ligt, Communications Specialist 249
Dennis O'Grady, Special Projects