SNC Works with Municipal Partners to Groom over 25 km of Trails this Winter

12-Feb-2016 12-Feb-2016

South Nation Conservation (SNC) invites residents and visitors to enjoy the network of trails that remain open throughout the winter season.

In addition to Conservation Areas (CA), SNC works with Municipal partners to keep a number of parks and trails groomed, helping increase winter recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

“The groomed trails offer packed snow, facilitating a variety of winter activities including hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, on-leash dog-walking, birding, and geocaching,” mentioned Natasha Machado, SNC Communications Specialist.

Winter grooming takes place at the following locations: Two Creeks Forest CA, near Morrisburg; Robert Graham CA, near Glen Stewart; Warwick Forest CA, in Berwick; Nokomis Park, in Limoges; and at J. Henry Tweed and W.E. Burton CA, in Russell.

In addition to these parks, SNC also partners with Russell Township to groom part of the New York Central Fitness Trail from Russell to Embrun.

Also through a partnership with the City of Ottawa, a hydro corridor multiuse pathway is now groomed from Dorima/Du Plateau pathway in the west, to the end of Demeter St. and Old Trim Rd. in the east.

The combined total of all groomed trails is approximately 25 km. For more information on winter recreational opportunities and directions to each park with groomed trails, visit:

“Access to these natural spaces are free of charge. Organized group activities are welcome and occur regularly, we encourage enthusiasts to respect the habitat and wildlife, and stick to the trails,” said Machado.

SNC owns and manages 156 properties across the 4,384 km2 jurisdiction, over 12,000 acres of land. Of these, 15 properties are designated as day-use parks.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Natasha Machado, 877-984-2948, ext. 313.