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South Nation Conservation in partnership with the South Nation Branch of Delta Waterfowl is proud to celebrate the annual Youth Hunt within the South Nation River Watershed, will full registration for the 7th consecutive year!

The Youth Hunt caters to 10 youth, ages 12-16. All theory components of the course are held at the South Nation Conservation office. The camp will run for 7 days through August, September and early October where youth will be instructed on Canadian Firearm Safety Training and complete the Ontario Hunter Education course. Each youth must pass both tests in order to obtain their apprentice license.

Youth will attend workshops and presentations from the Outfitters, Conservation Officers from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA), and from South Nation Delta Fowl Chapter Members.

“The South Nation Delta Waterfowl Chapter is very proud to provide an outdoor education experience for youth that instils a strong conservation ethic, safety and respect.” said Delta member Barry Keicks.

The Youth Hunt is designed to educate novice hunters on a wide range of hunting techniques emphasizing the importance on how to handle firearms responsibly and with precision. Participants also learn to respect safety, wildlife habitat, and private property. Youth will have the opportunity to participate in archery as well as skeet shooting.

Participants will also learn the valuable skill of waterfowl calling and identification and participate in the South Nation Delta Water Fowl Duck Box Program conservation initiative.

Under the direct supervision of an experienced mentor, each participant will get the unique experience of hunting for Canadian Geese during a guided waterfowl tour on Sunday October 5th.  

“At the end of the day the goal of the Youth Hunt is about safety, learning and more importantly enjoying the experience” says Pat Piitz Director of Science and Research at South Nation.


Chris Willet, (613) 265 7467

Pat Piitz,