Casselman Area Scouts Renamed for South Nation Watershed

28-Aug-2013 18-Oct-2013

In a decision considered a milestone by South Nation Conservation, a Casselman based Scouting group has changed its name to reflect its connection to the natural environment.

As part of a restructuring and amalgamation effort, Casselman district Scouts will now be known as Les Scouts de la 37e du bassin versant de la Nation Sud… Scouts of the 37th of the South Nation Watershed.

A ceremony and barbecue recognizing the name change was held in Casselman Aug. 25. Along with Scouting officials, on hand were SNC directors Lawrence Levere and Francois St. Amour, and senior staff members Josee Brizard and Ronda Boutz.

The Scouts were presented with a commemorative plaque, a new Scouts for Conservation crest, and a $300 SNC River Grant to be applied to a community activity held along the South Nation or one of its tributaries.

“This has never happened in the 66-year history of our conservation authority,” said SNC chairman Bill Smirle. “We’re very pleased because the Scouts’ name change and clear connection to South Nation is such a natural fit with our mandate.”

South Nation Scouts vice-president Marcel Lafontaine said the name change better reflects current and potential membership. President Maryse Prevost noted the new name demonstrates the Scouts environmental orientation while providing a greater sense of belonging for several branches operating under the same banner.

“As it happens, our new name coincides nicely with the South Nation watershed,” Lafontaine observed, adding it was only fitting to have SNC experts on hand to describe the attributes of the watershed.

Smirle said South Nation Scouts will be treated as full partners in ongoing efforts to preserve and expand natural resources within the watershed such as clean water, habitat, fish and wildlife, and trees.

“I’m sure we’ll be involved in joint projects in the future that’ll help individual members earn one of those Scouts for Conservation crests.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Ronda Boutz, SNC, 877-984-2948, ext. 251.