SNC Summer Students Benefit from a Range of Experiences

01-Aug-2013 04-Oct-2013

Philip Duncan is completing third year of the Fish and Wildlife Technician program at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay and will graduate in April.

After that, Philip plans to continue his studies in biology at Trent University. In the meantime, he’s part of the summer staff at South Nation Conservation, exactly the type of recruit that fills the bill.

“Our hires don’t have to be in conservation related fields but it helps,” explains Ronda Boutz, SNC Team Lead, Communications and Outreach.

“In general, we’re looking for keen students with a solid work ethic and talent,” Boutz says. “We’re proud to give regional students jobs, to support the rural economy and that some among our summer staff are repeats. For some, SNC becomes their first full-time job after graduation.”

SNC is the largest student employer in the area, with more than 15 students hired this year to help with the expanded summer workload and to take advantage of environmental programs funded by the federal and provincial governments.
Some of the temporary hires work outside with cleanup and maintenance crews, or like Philip, with fisheries staff doing surveys, monitoring and habitat maintenance and enhancement work. Most work out of SNC offices in Finch, with many crossing over to more than one department.

“The students get to enjoy a wide range of experiences,” Boutz commented. “They can become involved in everything from conservation area rehabilitation, to office work, to staffing the SNC information booth at fairs and festivals.”

She noted they also learn about the inner workings of a fairly large organization through attending various meetings of the board and committees. They’re mentored along the way, gaining practical experience as well as pay cheques to apply to their ongoing education.

“Other than they’re tremendous help, it’s great to have the students around for a few months. Their curiosity and enthusiasm is a nice spark for some of us who’ve been around for awhile.”

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