Communications Committee

Responsible for internal and external communications, the Communications Committee meets regularly to discuss promotion, press releases, special events, and fundraising. Committee is also responsible for administering the Community Environmental Grant Program, offering $300 grants to Events within the SNC jurisdiction.

Pas Communications Committee (Left to Right)

Front Row:  Gerry Boyce; Cindy Saucier

Second Row: Charles Armstrong; Murray Inch; Byron Vienneau; Bill Smirle, Past Chair, SNC Board of Directors

Third Row: Karen Switzer-Howze; Gerrie Kautz, SNC Board Member; Lawrence Levere; Tom Van dusen; Tim Jackson

Absent: Fran Patenaude; Peggy Taylor, Committee Chair; Gary Barton; Doug Thompson

2023 Communication Committee Members 

Member Association
Charles Armstrong Public Citizen, Committee Chair
Gerry Boyce Public Citizen
Murray Inch Public Citizen
Tim Jackson Public Citizen
Cindy Saucier Councillor, Russell
Bill Smirle SNC Board Member
Karen Switzer-Howse Public Citizen
Doug  Thompson Public Citizen
Tom Van Dusen Van Duesn Communications
Byron Vienneau Public Citizen
Pierre  Leroux SNC Chair, ex-officio
Steve Densham SNC Vice Chair, ex-officio
George Darouze SNC Past Chair, ex-officio

Staff Liaison: John Mesman, Managing Director, Property, Conservation Lands, and Community Outreach  -

2023 Meeting Schedule

2023 Agenda  Approved Minutes
February 21st: 2023 02 CMN Agenda  2023 02 CMN Minutes
  2023 02 CMN Supp Agenda  
  2023 02 CMN PowerPoint  
March 23rd 2023 03 JSC Agenda  
March 23rd: 2023 03 CMN Agenda 2023 03 CMN Minutes
  2023 03 CMN Supp Agenda  
  2023 03 CMN Powerpoint   
June 7th: 2023 06 CMN Agenda 2023 06 CMN Minutes
  2023 06 CMN Supplemental  
  2023 06 CMN Powerpoint   
September 13th: 2023 09 CMN Agenda 2023 09 CMN Minutes
  2023 09 CMN Supplemental  
  2023 09 CMN Powerpoint   
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