31-Aug-2016 31-Aug-2016

South Nation Conservation (SNC)’s Water Response Team is moving to a level III (severe) drought conditions for two sub-watersheds within the SNC jurisdiction. The rest of the jurisdiction will continue to be in level II (moderate) drought conditions as originally issued on July 8, 2016.

The Bearbrook and Upper South Nation River (Spencerville) Sub-watersheds are currently in severe drought conditions.

Despite recent rainfalls, streamflows in these areas remain below the 30% of normal summer flows. The rest of the SNC jurisdiction remains in level II with less than 50% of normal summer monthly flows.

The weather forecasts no significant rainfall in the next couple of weeks. Low water levels can impact fish habitat, affect crop yields and tree health of newly planted seedlings.

Environment Canada’s 3 month forecast for August to October indicates above normal temperatures and normal precipitation for most of Eastern Ontario; however a significant amount of rainfall across the jurisdiction is required for conditions to return to normal.

Residents, businesses and other industries throughout the jurisdiction are encouraged to reduce their water consumption by 50%, by limiting non-essential water uses (e.g. lawn watering, car washing, etc.). Landowners should check with their local municipality for information on water and fire By-laws.

Report any unusual water-related problems or dry wells to SNC by calling 1-877-984-2948, or sent to Send us your photos on Facebook (/SouthNationConservation), or Tweet us your photos (@SouthNationCA).

For more information, contact: Sandra Mancini at 1-877-984-2948 ext. 223 or Golam Sharif at ext. 373. 

Map of level III areas