Tree planting on SNC fall agenda

16-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015

With fall upon us, it’s time for residents in the South Nation Conservation (SNC) jurisdiction to plan tree planting for next year.

Through SNC, property owners can purchase a selection of seedlings and more mature trees to beautify their properties and at the same time enhance wildlife habitat, provide shade, and help reduce erosion.

The popular SNC planting program isn’t restricted to private owners. Municipalities and other organizations can and do participate.

Mayor Gary Barton of the Township of Champlain was on hand at a board of directors meeting Oct. 15 when a ceremonial white pine tree was planted at the SNC office at Finch to recognize the new partnership.

This tree joined others already planted representing partnerships with other municipalities within the SNC jurisdiction.

On Oct. 16, under a partnership with Tartan and Tamarack Homes and the City of Ottawa, 35 trees were planted as a buffer off Cedar Creek Drive in Ottawa; they included 20 white spruce, 10 Norway spruce, and five cedar trees.

More trees will be planted next year upstream along Findlay Creek to promote naturalization of the riparian habitat and improve ecological functions of the existing buffer, explained SNC Forestry Technician Cheyene Ramsey.

“Tartan and Tamarack are among our most active business partners,” Ramsey said. “They fully understand the value of trees within their residential developments.”

As for tree planting for private owners, Ramsey urged residents to learn more about available subsidies and seedling selection for idle lands, stream banks and buffer strips. As part of the program, free site visits are available from SNC staff.

Over the past 26 years, SNC in partnership with landowners, municipalities and other organizations have planted over 2.7 million trees, helping support forest cover in the region.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Cheyene Ramsey, 877-984-2948, ext. 295.