South Nation Conservation (SNC) seeks volunteers interested in environmental cause

30-Mar-2015 30-Mar-2015
Remember… It’s your grassroots conservation organization, overseen by a locally appointed board of directors. That’s the message being conveyed by South Nation Conservation (SNC) as it appeals for new volunteers to help out in many of the authority’s activities.
“Volunteers are a commodity much in demand,” said Ronda Boutz, SNC Team Lead, Communications and Outreach. “They’re the engine of many rural organizations. At SNC, we’ve been blessed because we’ve always been able to attract many dedicated local residents who donate their time and energy to the environmental cause.”
Among areas where help is welcome are park cleanup, fish, wildlife and water monitoring, habitat rehabilitation, seedling distribution and representation at special events.
Another specific area is committee work, Boutz observed. She pointed out that SNC operates four committees entirely made up of volunteers with varied skill sets from across the 4,382 square-km jurisdiction. The committees include: Communications, Clean Water, Fish & Wildlife, and Forestry. Comprising up to 15 members each, the committees meet four to six times a year; mileage expenses are covered and a modest lunch is served.
The committees review projects being developed by staff and offer recommendations to be presented to the board of directors. They help build strong, sensible programs with broad-based support.
For example, Boutz said, the Communications Committee recently revised the project granting process into the Community Environmental Grants program. All four committees have input into decisions, with a maximum of $300 available to community groups staging worthy projects.
The program has four components: River Grants, Heritage Grants, Agri-Environmental Grants, and Community Outreach Grants.
“The goal was to consolidate all community grants under one program for streamlined delivery and greater promotional opportunities.”
Two grants have already been approved under the new structure, one to assist with a fishing derby sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Feb. 21 at Wendover, and one to help recognize farmer/environmentalist Ernest Brisson during a special function in Alfred Feb. 19.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Ronda Boutz, 877-984-2948, ext. 251,