16th Municipality joins South Nation Conservation jurisdiction

23-Mar-2015 27-Mar-2015
South Nation Conservation (SNC) has added a new municipality to its jurisdiction. A 2.06 km2 portion of the Township of Champlain, which drains to the South Nation River Watershed, was officially added at SNC’s March 19th Annual General Meeting at the Township’s request.
The addition of this sixteenth municipality comes on the heels of a January 2015 jurisdiction expansion that added all of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet to SNC’s area.
Services such as tree planting, fisheries protection, and water quality improvement projects will now be offered to Champlain residents living within SNC jurisdiction boundaries.
“We are pleased to be added to the Conservation Authority’s jurisdiction. Although only a small portion of the Township is currently included, the value of environmental programs now offered to residents within the Township, far outweighs the cost of membership,” said Mayor Gary Barton.
At the AGM, SNC Chair Doug Thompson remarked that “it was a pleasure to welcome the Township of Champlain to SNC. We look forward to working with the Township and building a productive partnership”.
Although jurisdiction expansion is a rare occurrence provincially, this is the fourth time since 2004 that SNC has expanded its jurisdiction. Under the Conservation Authorities Act, a positive vote from the municipality and a joint resolution from the SNC board and municipal representatives are required to enlarge the Authority’s area.
“We are very pleased to offer programs and services that local Municipalities and residents value so greatly,” said Angela Coleman, SNC Director of Property and Approvals.
The local support by Municipalities and residents is good news for the local environment and the reason Conservation Authorities were originally formed in the 1940s.
Angela Coleman
Director, Property and Approvals
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