SNC summer program employs sixteen summer students

12-Aug-2015 12-Aug-2015

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is pleased to recruit 16 talented summer students, through the summer program.

“We’re proud to be in the position of giving talented students jobs,” said SNC General Manger Dennis O’Grady, noting that for some, SNC becomes “their first employer after graduation.”

From working in the field conducting surveys with forestry and fisheries staff to working in an office setting or delivering education programs, students have the opportunity to gain experience in more than one department over the course of the summer.

Many of this year’s summer students are from the region, including: Crysler, Limoges, Russell, Embrun, Chesterville, Mountain, and the City of Ottawa.

The students are: Sydney Allen, Andrew Carr, Dominic Drapeau, Amber Garrett, Thierry Gibeault, Brent Harbers, Marika Havekes, Saxon Ireland, Hannah Jackson, Alexander Lemieux, Scott McDonald, Sarah McGrath, Mathieu Meincke, John Mesman, Holly Nyenkamp, and Alana Vandersluis.

 “Working at South Nation Conservation has provided me with invaluable experience in my field of study,” said Queen’s University student Sarah McGrath of Monkland, adding that “every day I learn something new.”

Ottawa’s Dominic Drapeau, employed as a Forestry Student mentioned, “It’s been a pleasure working at SNC all summer. The team is composed of wonderfully passionate, kind, and intelligent people that have taught me much about forestry, land management and conservation.”

Mentored every step of the way, students gain valuable knowledge and experience to their related areas of study, and get many opportunities to network and to understand the needs of the people who live in the jurisdiction. Their support and enthusiasm goes a long way.

Holly Nyenkamp of Crysler is studying commerce at the University of Ottawa. She feels as though her experience at SNC is helping her to acquire valuable business communication skills which are transferable to her chosen field of study.

With support from Federal and Provincial funds, SNC is the largest student employer in the rural area. Students gain valuable knowledge of the inner-workings of a non-profit organization, all while working alongside passionate and hard-working staff.

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