SNC to Redevelop Popular Maple Program

02-Mar-2018 02-Mar-2018

Since 2000, SNC has proudly hosted a Maple Education Program during syrup season, welcoming 1,000 regional students annually. In recent years, Sand Road Maple Farm was purchased by SNC employee Angela Coleman and her husband Scott.

Once Coleman was named SNC’s General Manager, to avoid any actual or perceived conflicts of interest, a decision was made to redevelop SNC’s program.

Possibilities for the 2019 Maple Season and future programming includes evaluating site potential of SNC’s own maple woodlots for program delivery, and to reach out to other maple syrup businesses in the region about partnerships.

SNC owns more than 13,000 acres of forests in Eastern Ontario, many of which used to be tapped for maple syrup by local families who have since donated their woodlots to SNC. The Oschmann Forest, in Ormond, is a recent donation and is being considered as a potential new home for SNC’s Maple Education Program.

“This is our longest-running and most sought-after program, which supplements Ontario’s education curriculum and includes key teachable moments in areas of natural heritage, forest management and ecosystem habitat,” explained John Mesman, SNC’s Communications and Outreach Team Lead. “Bringing students outdoors to experience nature and maple production first-hand is a highlight for us and an experience that is truly Canadian.”

To take part in the 2018 Maple Season, SNC will be participating in Maple Weekend coming up on April 7 and 8 at various maple farms across the jurisdiction. Schools still interested in bringing the Maple Education Program to their classrooms, can loan a free maple educational kit from SNC.

No profit is generated and SNC will be looking for funders to help introduce a new program.

“We thank Sand Road Maple Farm for their hospitality and partnership over the last 17 years, and look forward to introducing a new Maple Education Program next spring!”

FOR MORE INFORMATION: John Mesman, 1-877-984-2948 ext. 302,