Provincial funding available to municipalities for drinking water protection

05-Nov-2013 05-Nov-2013

Municipalities within the Raisin-South Nation Source Protection Region will receive $50,000 – $87,000 in funding from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to help implement local actions to protect drinking water sources.

Funding from Ontario Source Protection Municipal Implementation Fund was announced on November 1, 2013, and will support Municipalities as they carry out their locally-developed Source Protection Plans.

The Raisin-South Nation Source Protection Committee has been successfully working together with Municipalities since 2005 to create a simple, effective, and fair Plan to protect drinking water. Fair compensation was a key message brought from the Municipalities, local Source Protection Committee, Source Protection Authority, and Agricultural representatives to the Province.

“We are pleased that this funding has been made available to ensure that our Plan can be successfully implemented while minimizing the burden to Municipalities, businesses, and landowners” says Source Protection Project Manager Richard Pilon.

There is also an opportunity across the Region for Municipalities to apply for an additional $15,000 in collaboration funding. This incentive will be awarded to Municipalities who show that they are working together to implement the Plan.

Most Municipalities are already collaborating regionally to implement Source Protection Plans through the development of agreements with the Source Protection Authorities. Through these agreements Municipalities can access greater levels of funding and maximize benefits from the funds received.

Municipalities have been given a tight deadline to review and sign the funding agreements. Source Protection Committee Chairs and Project Managers are meeting with the Province in Toronto November 4th and 5th and expect to have more information on the requirements for this fund soon.

Raisin-South Nation Source Protection staff will be meeting with Municipal Council and staff in the coming weeks to discuss the beneficial programs and projects that can be leveraged through this funding.

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