New tool to make data more accessible for watershed residents

14-Dec-2015 14-Dec-2015

Through funding provided by the Eastern Ontario Water Resources Committee (EOWRC), South Nation Conservation (SNC) is improving the monitoring program with exciting new tools.

The WISKI program, also known as Water Information System Kisters, captures relevant, real time data regarding flood forecasting.

“The new tools will enhance SNC’s current data monitoring network by integrating water quality/quantity data with forest data and biological data on fish and bugs found in our watercourses,” says Golam Sharif, SNC Water Resource Analyst.

Data collected in the field can be instantly uploaded to a database system, facilitating work for staff as well.

The tools are part of a program in partnership with ten other Eastern Ontario Conservation Authorities in efforts to make data more accessible for watershed residents.

Currently water level graphs are automatically updated through WISKI on a daily basis and published on the SNC web site:

“In the future, data will be available through the SNC Geoportal, an online mapping tool that will allow users to explore data collection sites and stations in the jurisdiction and many other features,” mentioned Sharif.

With advancements in technology, these new tools are timely additions to SNC’s current WISKI program that provide opportunities for further data integration in the future.

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