05-May-2014 05-May-2014

May 5, 2014 – Celebrating the provincially significant Leitrim Wetland and the 1,000-foot cedar boardwalk that extends part way into it, South Nation Conservation held a tree and shrub giveaway in Findlay Creek Village last Saturday (May 3).

“The weather has been slow to cooperate but it’s just about right for planting trees,” said Kat Watson, South Nation Conservation Water Resources Specialist.

“Findlay Creek residents appreciate their natural surroundings and were anxious to get out and add to them.”

Native shrub and tree species were offered for pickup at the entrance to the boardwalk and conservation area. The next event to be hosted at the site by SNC will be June 12, a clean-up day and interpretive hike along the boardwalk to the viewing platform.

“The boardwalk isn’t just a recreational asset,” Watson commented. “It provides educational opportunities for residents and visitors and promotes scientific investigations that may improve wetland management practices.”

The 800-acre wetland is home to dozens of different species, including 90 resident bird varieties, 40 types of migratory visitors and 500 plants, including the insect-eating pitcher plant. The wetland contributes to the headwaters of Findlay Creek, an important cool water system in the South Nation watershed.

Watson, who spearheaded much of the environmental work at the site, paid tribute to the Findlay Creek Community Association whose members have embraced the conservation area and walkway.

“They appreciate being located next to one of Ottawa’s natural gems and it shows. They’re always available to help with various projects.”

She noted that funds are needed for ongoing maintenance of the boardwalk. A program is in place whereby donors can purchase a plaque for $200 or a bench for $1,500 for installation along the structure.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Kat Watson, 877-984-2948, ext. 298