Despite Adversity, St. Albert Co-Op Comes Through Again

19-Sep-2013 18-Oct-2013

Preparations for rebuilding the cheese factory destroyed by fire earlier this year may be taking priority… but that hasn’t stopped the St. Albert Co-operative from allocating another $5,000 to South Nation Conservation’s Clean Water Program (CWP).

“Going back a decade now, I’ve always been impressed with St. Albert’s dedication to the clean water cause,” said Ronda Boutz, SNC Team Lead, Communications and Outreach.

“But this is really going above the call of duty. Under the circumstances, we would have understood had the co-op taken a break from the program this year. The South Nation Board of Directors has officially thanked the co-op for its dedication.”

The latest cheque for $5,000 has taken St. Albert’s total of donations to date to $56,000. The co-op began contributing to the CWP under a three-year agreement launched in 2004. Since completion of that agreement, St. Albert hasn’t missed a year in providing $5,000.

Over the years, current co-op president Denis Latour and other officials have explained the support is part of the St. Albert commitment to environmental enhancement. In addition, it’s a way to give back to the agricultural sector, the community in general and the region.

“The benefits of this commitment can’t be overstated,” said Clean Water Committee chair Jackie Pemberton. “The annual St. Albert donation is part of funding granted directly to landowners on a 50-50 participation basis to undertake projects that improve water quality on their properties and throughout South Nation’s jurisdiction.”

Since its inception in 1993, more than 720 projects valued at $11.5 million have been made possible by over $2.2 million in grants under the CWP.