150 Trees Planted as Part of Buffer Enhancement Project in Hammond

06-Jun-2016 06-Jun-2016

On Monday May 30, in partnership with the City of Clarence-Rockland and JML Development, approximately 150 trees and shrubs were planted in Hammond as part of a buffer enhancement project to naturalize a municipal drain. Red oak, white pine, Norway spruce, red osier dogwood and speckled alder were among the tree and shrub species planted; the area will also be seeded with a wildflower and grass mix.

Photo credit : Véronique Charron - Journal Vision

Photo caption :

From left to right: Doug Thompson, Chair, SNC Board of Directors; Guy Desjardins, Mayor, Clarence-Rockland; Micaela Hadley, SNC Property and Approvals Assistant; Cheyene Ramsey, SNC Forestry Technician; Luc Lalonde, JML Development Inc; Dominic Drapeau, SNC Forestry Student; Mathieu Leblanc, SNC Team Lead, Approvals; Dennis O`Grady, SNC General Manager/Secretary-Treasurer; Jean-Marc Lalonde, JML Development Inc; and Mesha Sagram, SNC Stewardship Student.